After class, Chris and I headed out to Celebration North to see Repo Men with Amanda.  Amanda first introduced me to Repo! The Genetic Opera. (stole the pic to the left from Chris because I was lazy and didn't take any pics at the theater).

What Chris says about the movie is true: it's dark.  And honestly - it feels a little jumbled together.  Like it was trying to take itself seriously with a message, but then not.  I don't know.  At least Repo! was designed to be amusing.  Some of the things were over the top, but I'll admit the ending was satisfying.

After that Chris and I headed home where I laid around for several hours doing nothing because of a headache.  He made me food, and I listened to The Daily Show and then we watched some C-SPAN and the healthcare debate.

Despite the headache and how sick I felt, being able to listen to interesting stuff sure beats sitting in the dark doing nothing just focusing on the pain.


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