The day started out rainy.  I checked outside - rain. I read tweets and facebook statuses - rain in other states.  I logged onto Lord of the Rings Online - raining (consequently for you Tolkien fans that is a shot of the Prancing Pony). 

We headed out to the post office to pick up a pre charger I ordered.  It's the same one Chris talked about here. I was so impressed with it at C2E2 I thought it wouldn't hurt for us to have two between us.

It had been awhile so we did some laundry.  Correction - I studied while Chis did the laundry (which is often the case).  He works around that laundromat so quickly I could barely keep up if I tried.  And, apparently, I'm not very good at laundry since I hardly ever separate my clothes. 

Instead of cooking dinner we headed out for Chinese. Chris isn't really a fan of the cuisine so I'm happy he was able to find some tasty chicken legs that they served as an appetizer.  6 massive drumsticks is a heck of an appetizer.  I ordered some rangoons and now I have a massive amount of leftovers for tomorrow.


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