The parts for my new computer arrived today. Anytime a shipment of computer parts arrive it's like Christmas morning. Lots of packaging and unwrapping to do.
Chris says my new case is like a mini-fridge (it is a tower as opposed to a mid tower which is what I normally buy).
The assembly went faster than expected. Each time I build a new computer it seems like more and more components become snap in/plug and play. I'm just happy that I haven't had to manually set the voltage for the processor with (jumpers on the motherboard) in ages.

It also helps to have all of your data stored on a different hard drive than your operating system. No waiting to transfer files!


This space has proved to be a difficult go for business owners. Before this, Elements of Style boutique occupied the space but didn't last very long. Next door in the same building, Le Sol tanning also closed up shop.

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