Ship to store (AKA site to store), if you don't know, is this weird thing stores push now a days to order something from their website to have it shipped to a local store and then you pick it up. The store we used in the case was Lowes. 

In theory it sounds like it would be relatively painless, I guess. If nothing else it's certainly saves the company the hassle of having to send out individual shipments to customer homes.
So Chris ordered a lawnmower online last week using Ship to store. On our way home from the movies we swung by to pick it up. 

We waited for awhile at the service counter for them to pull the purchase from the back.

And waited.

And waited.

After 20 minutes passed Chris asked and the person at the counter what was going on. They told him that the PO they had for his order was matching a box for a for a table saw, not a lawnmower. But maybe the guy wasn't reading the box right and she was going to have him bring it up front, just in case.

So we waited.

and waited.

And about 15 minutes later the package shows up. Sure enough, it's a table saw with Chris's name on it. 

By this point we've been waiting for almost 40 minutes. The service desk still isn't sure how to handle the situation. They started out letting us know that they'd have to think about how to fix the situation. 

That's about the time Chris demanded a refund and we walked out. 

So we waited a week for a delivery to arrive at the store. Then waited about 40 minutes for them to tell us they shipped the wrong item and then let us know they didn't know what they'd do to fix it, but they'd figure it out.

We went home and ordered it immediately from Amazon, where, now that it is apparently the end of the season, it is cheaper than it was a week ago.

I guess it would have been a bigger nightmare if the table saw had showed up on our doorstep, but I'm amazed that no where, at any point of the check-in process, did someone notice that a table saw is most certainly not a lawnmower. 

So why, you ask, do I have a photo of the sky instead of the store? Because the blue sky seems more serene than a photo of angry customers.


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