This morning I picked up right where I left off last night and started baking. I started out making some Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. They're super delicious but incredibly rich. Its easy to slip into a sugar coma after having a few of these. 
We went out shopping so Chris could pick up a scanner, then I immediately started baking again when we got home. Next up was a pan of Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. I didn't have any Fleur de sel, so I used a smidge of regular salt. I don't typically add salt to recipes anyway, so I'm sure these will still taste delicious.
I grilled up some barbecue chicken as well as corn on the cob. I even prepped four patties of Black Bean Burgers. Unfortunately I think the bean burgers are a little dry (which is my fault) so these are going to be extra crumbly. They're no substitute for Brick Road Pizza's delicious veggie burger, but they'll hold me over till our Friday visit.

I did think seriously about making some Banana Boats on the grill and S'mores Bars in the oven, but there are only so many sweets the two of us can realistically eat. Besides, I already have some cheesecakes from several weeks ago in the freezer.


Jennifer, I read the recipe for black bean burgers. I would like to try it but is there some way I can make it without the egg?

You could probably use an egg substitute like egg beaters. I've done that in the past and not had a problem.

If you dont want to use egg beaters (I think there are still some real egg components in beaters) you could try one of these egg substitutes:

Out of that whole list I'd think pureed fruit would work best (like a banana) if you're trying to avoid egg and dairy.

Thanks Jennifer. I think I will try the pureed fruit. I really like black bean burgers but hate paying the price. Yeah, I haven't been eating meat or dairy for over a year.

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