So I went to bed around 7pm last night in anticipation of the Guild Wars 2 launch at 3am. Why? Because it's the weekend! And because I wanted to be on a specific server that also happened to have a lot of people who wanted to be there.

There was a possibility of servers coming up at midnight, so I got up then, logged in, and got on the server I wanted. It was painless! And I should have probably just stayed up as opposed to going to bed so early.

I played for a few hours then went to bed. I've never been really great staying up late and I don't operate well on less than 8 hours of sleep.

I made some cinnamon roll pancakes in the morning then played on and off for pretty much the entire day.
I did take a break to grill some home made pizza though! With a bread machine, whipping up a tasty pizza is really easy. Plus, with it being so hot outside I used that as an excuse to grill more food instead of bake the pizza in the oven. I really do like the taste of it grilled over baked.
Then I just played a lot more Guild Wars 2. It's a really pretty game on my system and I have an aging video card. Yes, I have two video cards for SLI but at the moment Guild Wars 2 does not support it...yet.

I'd love to see what it looks like on a top of the line machine.
I still have a lot of lag while playing in World vs World vs World combat, even with the graphics turned all the way down, but I'm sure part of that is just the sheer hammering the Guild Wars 2 servers are taking at the moment.

Chris was far more productive today than I was. While I was questing away in a virtual world he was cleaning the garage, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, and picking up around the house.


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