It stopped raining over night so Chris was able to test out the mower this morning. He has a pretty good write up of his experience and the differences between the electric and gas here, on blog.
While Chris was out being productive, I was trying to finish up the one last thing in Guild Wars. I finally snagged the last bit I needed to get 15 points in their Hall of Monuments. So my intense binge the last few weeks have come to a close (until Guild Wars 2 launches in 2 weeks, that is). Now I have a lovely set of tonics to turn my character into random things, including a Mursaat.

With the last point achieved, I needed a break from Guild Wars. But I'd been playing it in all my free time the last several weeks I flailed around all afternoon trying to find my footing. Read? Naw. Watch TV? Naw.
Finally around 9pm I decided to bake. I've been saving a few different recipes to try and tonight sounded like a good night to try the chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe.

They're not bad cookies. I made them as huge cookies, but that's ok. They're a nice change from regular chocolate chip cookies.


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