I started baking late yesterday, so I didn't have a chance to get the bug out of my system. That means lots of kitchen work today.

Once I made a delicious breakfast pita with fresh veggies and feta, modified from this recipe, I set the bread machine to work it's magic and knead some pizza dough.
I moved on to crafting a delicious and colorful-looking cookie - Colorful Spiral Cookies. The awesome Meghann (whatakuriosgirl) sent me a link to this recipe and I had to make it. (not unlike the tasty Cinnamon Roll Pancakes recipe she sent me last month - this girl has good taste.)

As you can see from the above photo, I ended up with a LOT of extra dough once I trimmed it. I think I will a little over board.
Still, I ended up with a colorful log of strawberry and vanilla swirls, coated in sprinkles. I could see I had air pockets in the cookie roll but the dough was too sticky (probably because the apartment is too warm) to try to unroll and re-roll. 

I also made a extra roll with all the trimmings. It wont be pretty or swirly, but it's still cookie dough. No reason to waste it!
The raisins I started yesterday were done as well. So I pulled those out of the dehydrator and put those in storage for snacking. 

So now I'm waiting for the cookie dough to chill enough to harden and slice. I'm also debating trying to make these Chinese Steamed Dumplings. I have the ingredients..but do I want to work with another batch of dough...hmm...

Update: I didn't make the dumplings but I did slice up the sprinkle log and made cookies. Lots of cookies. 


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