Ever since I stumbled across an article with a few upcoming movies I've had the indie flick Pig on my radar. I knew it would eventually be screened at the Wealthy Theatre for their Thriller Chiller Film Festival so it was only a matter of time before a schedule was out and I knew which day they'd be screening it. 
So we headed down to Wealthy Theatre after enjoying a lovely stroll outside and enjoying a quick bite to eat. 

There were a few people hanging out in the lobby when we got there and we even caught a fleeting glimpse of one of Chris's co-workers Dave, who is working on his own short film The Forever People.

All in all the movie was good; I really liked it. Of course, you can't really talk a whole lot about what's a movie like this without giving away the movie. So just trust me when I say it was good, and watch the trailer at their site. 

The movie's producer (Mark Stolaroff) was in from LA and answered any questions the audience had. He also talked a little bit about the screening process and how they got to where they are on some of the elements used in the film. I'm glad we saw it. You should check out some of the trailers and go see if it plays in a theater near you. 


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