Chris's co-workers know how to celebrate a birthday. He came home with stories of all the treats people brought in. I was seriously jealous. I've never worked anywhere that does that.

He also came home with a special package from the awesome Erin. Look at these things! Cake batter marshmallows, peppermint patties, and chocolate-dipped peanut butter krispes. I've only had the marshmallows so far (with fancy sprinkles!) and yum!

Even the cat is a fan. He especially likes the twist ties. They're shiny.

I'm going to have to savor these because seriously - anyone who can make candy is awesome.


All of these are so easy, if you end up wanting any of the recipes let me know =)

(Also, don't tell Chris, but I was planning on sending these before I knew it was his birthday, lol!)

Your secret is totally safe with me! :)

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