It's getting colder outside, which means less and less people are out wandering around by GRAM and Rosa Parks Circle. But I'm stubborn, and don't quite feel like spending my lunches in the library yet. So off to the outdoors I went this afternoon.

I chowed down on some random things I'd stuffed in my bag this morning. Hooray for having all types of home made frozen things. I finished off my lunch with a tasty home-made peppermint pattie from Erin. I'm almost sad to see it gone. But my tastebuds were happy. So delicious!

Eventually it's going to be too cold to sit outside. There's going to be snow outside, and that may be beyond my tolerance.
Also, since it's Halloween and we don't have trick-or-treaters in our apartment, enjoy this Halloween-themed screenshot from Guild Wars. Its all I've got people. Sorry.


i am so, so glad you liked the candy!!!!

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