Today's been kind of a bleh day. It started with waking up a little after midnight and thinking it was the morning. Then again a few hours later doing the same thing. Chris was also up much of the night and he was feeling pretty ill.

The day went by and I can honestly say I didn't do much. I tried to knit a bit but mostly I laid around watching seasons of Being Human (UK version).

Chris spent most of the day on the couch alternating between sleeping and feeling terrible while conscious. As the day wore on he started to feel a little better, so that's a good thing. This evening he's still not 100%.

Meanwhile the cat has been an absolute terror (don't let that photo fool you). Having his schedule messed with makes him evil. He thought 4am was breakfast and spent a big chunk of the day scratching at everything for attention.

I hope Chris feels worlds better tomorrow and I hope that orange terror kitty gets back onto his normal schedule.


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