I'm going to blame the weather for the obnoxious headache I've had for the last week. Who know's if that's the true culprit. All I know is it's steadily been getting more obnoxious, and today it was too much. I spent a big chunk of the day lying around doing nothing, going from feeling fine as the headache waned to lying around trying to convince myself it's not that bad when it started to wax. I'm happy its Sunday and we didn't have a whole lot going on today.

I did get to enjoy the ferret and the cat playing around a bit.

I also made a modified version of a chicken and dumpling soup recipe I really like. We now have leftovers. Yay!
So yes, I know this isn't a photo of the chicken soup, but it is one of the cat laying on fresh laundry. Way cuter, right?


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