We spent last evening driving around with our realtor looking at houses in the crappy weather, so today neither of us were terribly motivated to go out and about. It's pretty out, I'll give you that. But it's cold and the Fusion is, to be perfectly blunt, a horrible drive in the snow (even with brand new tires). I miss my Taurus.

I hung out a chunk of the day and played some Mass Effect. With the third installment coming out soon I feel like I really should finish at least the first. I'm also avoiding any news about Mass Effect 3 like the plague in case there are any spoilers concerning Mass Effect 2.
I did finally get around to experimenting with some food. I've been contemplating for the better part of a week to stuff crescent roll dough into a muffin pan, fill it with hamburger meat (and other burger toppings) and bake it. I'm not sure what you'd call them. Cheeseburger cups? Mini-muffin burgers?

Regardless of what you'd call them, they came out tasty. I under-filled all of the muffin pans because I was worried they'd puff up while baking, but nope. Next time I'll know to put more fillings in the

They'd make great party food. You could honestly stuff the things with anything.


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