It's a macaron party at Erin's!

Step one? Planning!

Also, whiteboards are awesome.
With planning out of the way it was time to get started laying out the various ingredients and prepping the area.
Each of the five of us, Amy, Jacqui (slightly hidden), Rachel, Erin and myself, were responsible for a different flavor of macaron cookie. So that meant five different batches in all kinds of flavors. The possibilities were endless!
Amy, the local baking goddess (she's worked in a bakery, people), worked on piping the first batch.
With each of us making a different flavor we ended up with quite a few different colors and texture of macarons. They were sticky little buggers, so it was hard to get them off of the parchment paper.

Erin and Jared were kind enough to feed the group of us, so when the macaron cooking was done, we took a break and ate some tasty dinner. After that we hung out and watched some netflix and enjoyed sitting down. It was so nice sitting down I don't think any of us really wanted to get up and get cracking on the filling portion.

I came home with a few cookies of each of the flavors. My intent is to make the filings and assemble a macaron cookie at home. That is, if I don't eat the cookie halves before I get around to the filling, and there's a strong likelihood that will happen.
Also today is a certain orange terror's 4th birthday! Here he is looking innocent but the bags under my eyes from being awakened at 5am can attest to him being anything but. Happy birthday my little orange monster!


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