I've been working on and off with a few different projects, but mostly knitting a blanket. Using bulky yarn and big needles gives the feeling of making progress quickly, which I like.

I ended up knitting about 6 extra inches (which honestly, I think is fine) before I realized that I was actually done with the blanket. I mean, I guess I could make it whatever length I want to (done is when I decide it's done) but if I was going by the pattern, I went too long. 
Anyway, it took me another hour or so to do the frills on both ends. Mostly because the cat really, really likes new things. Especially new things that involve yarn.

I'm mostly happy with the finished product. The ends to curl a little bit, which I read later is an issue with the stockinette stitch. If I make another blanket I might try to make a border so it doesn't curl just to see how that works.

But, it's the first actual knitting project I finished. Poor Chris's scarf is feels like it's taking forever compared to this blanket. Two feet is long enough for a scarf, right?


NICE and oh, congrats on finishing it! :-)

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