We both enjoy reading, albeit slightly different material. That means each of us has a collection of books. While we've switched to ebooks in the last few years, that certainly doesn't address the existing collection.

So since we both had the day off today we decided it was time to move them. The house is clean and organized, so what better time to toss some extra stuff into the mix and mess it up again.
We rented a van and started moving a little before 8am. I just carried out odds and ends that were light and loaded up the car while Chris did all the heavy lifting with my 8 boxes of books and his 18! And that is not including any longboxes or shortboxes (roughly 1/2 the size of a longbox) of comics.
I ran two carloads while Chris did two vanloads (packed). So the majority of the things are now out of the apartment, and that's a fantastic thing.
Today is also a Guild Wars 2 beta stress test. Since it's only for part of the day, I spent a chunk of the afternoon playing in the stress test while Chris loaded up the van for the second trip.

The game is beautiful, no doubt about it. And kudos to the weather effects, complete with lightning strikes. I mean, look at that screenshot.

I created a new character and I have to say, the Human elementalist outfit is rather skimpy. I'm used to female characters bouncing around in barely anything but standing in the middle of the rainstorm like that just struck me as very odd. The Charr ranger and Norn Engineer I created during the last beta event were much more reasonably dressed.
The game has already crashed several times and lags considerably if I have the graphic rendering up too high, but that is to be expected from a beta. I'm enjoying bouncing around, checking out the game, and providing feedback on quests and bugs.

And honestly, the outfit in this setting doesn't bother me nearly as much. But would I rather the character be outfitted like those on Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor? Yes. Absolutely.


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