Chris and I headed out to the downtown BW3 to one of his co-worker's farewell party. I always enjoy seeing his co-workers. They're funny, friendly, and treat you like one of their own, so it's always a pleasant experience seeing the group. They remind me a little like the old Sprint group I used to go out with when I worked there (and even for awhile after I didn't).
We didn't stay for very long, however, since we still had more work to be done in the apartment. Not much, but enough to suck up the remaining hours in the evening.

I spent several hours vacuuming the various rooms. I evenly finally put an end to a plague of small white syrofoam balls that had been plaguing us for months and months. Every time we thought we'd cleaned up the last of them, we'd unearth something in the Tardis-like closet and BAM, there'd be a fresh batch ready to static cling to whatever got near them.

But we're done. Done. DONE. This has been the longest move I've ever done in my life - using up the nearly two months between getting the house and our lease being up.

Now begins the slow unpacking an integration of all the various boxes clogging seemingly every available space.

When we do finally separate things into "keep" and "sell" piles, we're going to have one hell of a garage sale.


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