In the morning it was already over 70 degrees outside, but that didn't stop me from enjoying a breakfast pita pizza and reading on the deck.
In the afternoon we took a walk over to Palmer Park and walked the various trails there. While I do enjoy the pine trees, my favorite bit is still the boardwalk.
We got home and I wanted to finally try my hand at the pinata cookies I stumbled across earlier this month, but quickly talked myself out of them again. They take 4 hours to chill in the fridge and honestly, I'm a little nervous about trying them.

Soon though!

Instead I started a new batch of home-made vanilla extract.
I grilled a few things for dinner and then assembled one of the most awesome LEGO sets ever. Gandalf arriving in the Shire.

I don't need all the sets. Honestly, once I get the Shelob set, I'll be satisfied. Unless, of course, they come out with some more awesome sets.

And you know they will.


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