I came in to find this delicious-looking slab of maple walnut fudge on my desk.

I was instantly hungry and confused - who leaves fudge unwrapped on someone's desk?

I peered closer and realized it was not delicious maple walnut fudge, but a thick chunk of home-made soap, flecks of oatmeal floating in it.

Home-made soap is still awesome.

I now have two co-workers who make the own soap. That's kinda awesome.
Because my brain was primed with the idea of indulging in sugary treats all morning, I decided to indulge and have a delicious pita for lunch. Not sweet, but I would say that the pita is equally indulgent in another way.

Anyway, when I arrived the above sign was posted to the door. It's difficult to see because of the glare (I should have stood in front of the sign) but the gist of it is that they are closing on May 28th. That's MONDAY!

I immediately snapped a photo and sent it to Lori, my pita partner, to let her know they were leaving. Our plan of still having the occasional pita downtown is crushed. We'll have to meet up on the random weekend to eat at one of their other locations.



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