It's Mother's Day and it's the first time we're having my parents over and showing off the house we bought in March. so that means (especially due to my laziness yesterday) lots of preparation before the show up.

Chris assembled the grill yesterday so I got to skewering marinated meats and veggies to cook for today's get together.
Chris gave everyone a tour and then we hung out on the deck while I played with the new grill. I really missed having a grill. I'm going to enjoy cooking this summer.

Let it be known that the Yummy Honey Chicken Kebab recipe was indeed a tasty success. I should have made more of them so I could enjoy tons of delicious leftovers. 
We wandered through Oriole Park and Palmer Park then headed back for some fruit salsa and brownies.

It was a lovely day and you couldn't have asked for better weather.


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