It's Sunday, day two of our attempt to get everything out of the apartment this weekend. The weather never really cooled off from yesterday, so while I was reading on the deck at 7am it was nearly 70.
We did a few van loads and car loads, including moving the last of the heavy furniture that we were keeping. And by furniture I mean more book cases.
By 1pm it was too hot and too much for me. Wearing the wrist splints doesn't really help either, since it's like wearing fingerless gloves half way up your forearm. So we stopped around 1pm when it was about 85 degrees and decided to get some shopping in.

We picked up a ladder and a few other things for the house. Now we can climb things!

Unfortunately we didn't get everything out of the apartment, but almost everything. Now we just have a few car loads and a ton of cleaning to do.


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