Ok, it's really hot outside. Part of me would love to go out and check out some 4th of July festivities but that would be fun for about five minutes and then I'd be miserable in the heat. So instead I stayed indoors and worked on my Arduino projects.
I really like the potential of the LCD and the buttons, so spent several hours integrating the snail mail notifier code into the LCD code. That way you can push a button and get a notification on whether mail has been delivered (I'm still working on a text message/email notification as well, but that's proved tricky with the setup I have). Unfortunately there's a conflict between the two sensors, I think, so the code isn't working right.

But I've made progress! It's just not working 100%.

I also decided that today would be an excellent day to grill. Tasty home made pizza with none of the heating-up-the-house-with-the-oven side effects.
The trick with grilling pizza is to cook both sides of the dough before layering on toppings. All in all I'd say it came out very tasty - but then I'm partial to virtually anything that's grilled. Heck, I kind of want to grill watermelon.


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