We kicked off our Thursday vacation day with a trip to the vet for Leki (he's due for his shots). As he was the last time several years ago, the cat was a holy terror (despite what he looks like in the photo).

As he gets older and older he's less and less tolerant to things. As a kitten he handled car trips to Traverse City as well as new houses and people very well. With out much travel the last few years this cat has gotten less and less tolerant of change.
I have some cherries that are super ripe and bordering on going bad so I decided to make some cherry cobbler this afternoon.

Of course, it's really hot outside (about 100 Fahrenheit) so I didn't really want to turn on the oven...
..so instead I used the grill. I used the basics of this recipe, but just doubled the cherry amount instead of using blueberries and cherries.
I did slightly overcook it on the grill. I suppose 100+ degrees will help the cooking process along. I even shaved about 10 minutes off the cooking time too.

It was still delicious.
I'm still trying to figure out the perfect solar light and this afternoon seemed like a perfect opportunity to work on it. I found a few more cheap solar lights for a dollar and snagged them. My plan is to strip away the majority of the plastic and install the sensor directly on top of the jar lid.

While we were out went and hit a local craft store to pick up some outdoor mod podge (glue, essentially) and some cheap canning jars. Unfortunately they didn't have any outdoor mod podge so we picked up some super glossy stuff and hopefully that's good enough.
I added some food coloring to the mod podge and coated the glass jars in orange paste.

Now to to wait for them to dry and see how they look in the dark. I'd like to create something similar to this blogpost, but the solar lights I have are much smaller and, frankly, uglier (also probably why they were only a dollar).


Look at you! Get on with your crafty self!

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