It's really hot outside.... I tried to avoid going out too much. I did go out in the morning to pick up a package from the post office  (and it was totally worth going into the heat to have dinner and drinks with Lori)

Adorable tiny routers I ordered arrived and were ready for modification. My intent is to take this small little box and use it as a wireless repeater so we can get wifi on the deck. So installed OpenWrt and got working.
Chris and I messed around with the solar lights a little as well. Chris did most of the work shaving off the plastic with the dremel and trying to free the solar panel from it's enclosure.

We still haven't embedded it into anything yet, so  wasn't able to test the newly freed solar panel on the newly painted jars from yesterday.
Instead I just used the existing cap I have just to see how it looked. They're alright, but not as colorful as I'd hoped. Maybe the larger jar needs another coat.


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