We're seeing Batman: The Dark Knight Rises today with Comfort and Adam and Chris asked me to make some brownies.

I went a little crazy and made brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and mini-cheesecakes. The cheesecake recipe was really to fill the void while Chris ran out to get more butter for the chocolate chip cookies.

I keep trying to find a good home made brownie recipe and I'm still not there yet. This recipe is fantastic - don't get me wrong. But it is almost too rich (that doesn't even seem possible, does it?). I'm sure that's due in part to the four eggs it calls for in a small 8x8 pan recipe.
We met up with Comfort and Adam in the afternoon for the movie. It was not bad. If you're a fan of the others in the Nolan series then you'll like this one.

As usual we took an awesome long walk through Palmer Park. It's great to walk and talk with them.

And when we got back there were tasty desserts ready to be devoured.


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