I've seen a fair number of recipes that involve fruit, chocolate and toppings, so when I stumbled across this Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Banana Bites I saved it.

Of course it didn't take me too long to break down and make it.

With the heat lately it's been too warm to bake anything indoors. Sure I've used the grill to make cherry cobbler and other food, but this was an opportunity to make something tasty indoors. Where there is air conditioning!
So I sliced everything up, melted some chocolate, and rolled around the tasty chocolate-coated banana bits in various toppings. Coconut, sprinkles, vanilla wafers - I grabbed everything I could find.

While making them was a little messy (I blame my lack of experience working with melted chocolate), it was certainly worth it. This is definitely a delicious cool treat that I will be making again!


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