For being a relaxing Saturday, it sure seems like (in retrospect) that a lot of little things were done.

Ok, not really. I was pretty lazy for the first half of the day. First, I discovered that the squirrels, who had already chewed a hole in the bottom of the cabinet, popped the door open after removing the metal pin that was holding it down. This gave them free access to jump in and out and pork out to corn. And judging by this picture, they're porking out to the corn alright.

After that I booted up Star Trek Online (open beta) and made a character real quick, ran around a bit. I hit a bug and exited deciding I should probably do errands and homework first.

and didn't get up to hit the bank until after 2pm. After that Chris and I stopped by a local hobby shop and then Gourmet Market (outlet) where I discovered the first local store to carry Peninsula Cellars cherry wine (yeah, those racing flames make it awesomesauce). I even ran across an odd Monty Python themed beer.

Did homework in the evening for a few hours and then soon it will be time to watch a movie with Chris.


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