Awhile back, before x-mas and the arrival of the USB DVD-ROM, I spent an afternoon at my parents trying to get a USB stick configured to boot OS X 10.6 since the netbook didn't have a DVD ROM. I spent several frustrating hours with a tutorial that was apparently missing several key items. Being unfamiliar with OS X, I had no idea that I was missing any steps. So I spent several hours simply researching the problem rather than moving forward.

My next opportunity was going to be x-mas eve to dink around with my dad's macbook. I had complained to Chris about this in an email (I had been researching further my issues and desperately trying to get all the info together before the holiday to make it smooth). He responded with an ebay listing of a Mac Mini for 200 and an offer to throw 1/2 down. And I was sold.

So I snagged a used Mac Mini off of ebay and waited patiently (or not so much) for it to arrive. After a few weeks (and after I'd successfully loaded OS X onto a USB stick thx to the use of the USB DVD-ROM) it arrived today and we've been playing around with it.

Chris previously had a linux box in the living room working as a media center. While I had previously used an Xbox and the PS3 to stream media across the network, the linux box admittedly did a better job streaming hulu and youtube videos. So when the Mac Mini arrived we decided it would replace the linux box. It was faster than the old box, ran flash and networks very easily and sexily with all the windows/linux machines in the apartment. I honestly had a harder time setting the PS3 up as a media server than I did the mac mini.

Outside of that excitement I'd spent the better part of the day loading all the software/tweaks I wanted on the hackintosh triple-boot monster as well as prepping my primary laptop for school next week. Chris has been much more productive - cleaning. I looked away from my desk briefly to see all sorts of open areas and re-arrangement of things. Very cool.


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