Sunday's are pretty busy when school is in session. I spend the evening with low lying anxiety about being called on in class and going blank (its never actually happened like that since I have briefs to reference, but if I didn't!). Then when the morning comes it's still bubbling under the surface kind of stressing me out. This class is bugging me more than the others since being called on is completely random and its a small class (30ish people). Why do I have such anxiety about it? No idea. Because I don't get nearly as bad about it when its work - which you'd think would be a bigger deal because it's where I draw my paycheck from. But I digress....

After class I came home, had a tasty quick lunch with Chris, and then whipped up some chocolate chip cookies. Its the cookie I make the most often - obviously.

After that we headed out to Celebration! Cinema at Rivertown and checked out Book of Eli. It was pretty good and I don't have any complaints about it out of the normal ones I have for most movies (WTB more char development, back story, etc).

Later we came home briefly then headed back out for a tasty meal at Outback Steakhouse. All in all it was a good Sunday. Even if the PS3 continued to bug me about the damn 3.15 update (gave up – downloaded it onto my laptop so now I just have to install it via USB sometime this week).


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