Monday was a good day. The work day hummed along decent. I ran my first conference call for a project and made some progress (I hope) on a spreadsheet I'm trying to design that will automatically populate information from a sharepoint tracker.... I did finish off the dwindling supply of chocolate in my desk, so I'll have to replenish tomorrow.

The evening was pretty awesome. Chris picked up a few supplies and we made Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner. After that we watched some news (and I lamented the fact that we'd already blown through all of last week's Colbert & Daily Show episodes).

Later I suggested busting out the pudding pops. A few months ago Chris had mentioned his friends, Adam & Comfort (TheUniques) were enjoying the tasty treats over Skype. When I mentioned I didn't think I'd ever had one - Chris snagged a box. Of course - we then never opened it. So finally the box was unearthed from the depths of the frozen tundra in the back of the freezer and we chowed down.

They were kinda tasty. I really figured they wouldn't taste at all like pudding because so many things don't taste like what their flavoring is supposed to be. Hell, I kind of want to try another one now...


I am lactose intolerant, so no pudding pops for me. However, with lactose free milk, soy cheese, etc., I am trying to have a normal life. : )

Pudding pops do sound good though.

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