This semester I have two classes, but really only one of which I think will need a "flow chart" of sorts for crimes, elements, etc.

So today after class I tacked up some crimes and elements up, grouping them roughly in a flowchart setting. It isnt perfect, and may not make sense to everyone, but so far its making sense to me.

After I finished tacking those up I got to help Chris a little on his shelf project. Later today I'll probably make some chocolate chip cookies (I think its becoming a weekly ritual!) and finish up a mini-load of laundry (Chris has some thing called a Wonder Washer which is actually kinda handy).

Also as a side note, I snapped a shot of Leki later in the evening and Chris pointed out something - he kinda looks like a playmate pinup (well, if you take away the species difference, gender difference, etc).


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