Based on the initial info I was getting from my first motherboard (which has an onboard digital POST), I figured the issue had to be the motherboard. It wasn't complaining of the RAM, the CPU, the video card, the power supply.

So I ordered a cheap replacement motherboard. It came - I slapped everything into it real quick and booted it up. Same problem - it shuts down immediately if the 12V2.2 connector is plugged into the motherboard. *sigh*

Well - it could be the power supply. So Chris and I head out to Best Buy and snag a power supply - because goddamnit I'm going to figure this out tonight. Get home, plug in the other power supply - same problem.


I swap out the two sticks of RAM again on the new motherboard. No difference, not that I'd expect it. The only other things left to test are the video card and the CPU. I'm pretty sure its not the video card, but I dont have a spare one to test it with. I'm thinking since its the 12v2.2 port it is the CPU...but I dont have a spare one to test it with. So...this means I have to order more hardware online.

At this rate I'm going to end up with enough spare parts to have two machines - which is exactly what Chris is saying I should just do anyway.


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