Saturday after I finished up my homework in the morning Chris and I ran all over the place.

He had several projects brewing in the back of his head (organizing the kitchen better, building a shelf, solving the cat issue with the coffee table, etc). So we bounced around town looking at various stores like World Market, Target, Meijer, Big Lots (found a tacky lava lamp!), Lowes, and Home Depot.

We stopped at 10 places (if you count the mall as one place instead of multiple) and I only know that because after a few hours I started to make a game of it. Since I was using the foursquare app to flag each new location (sometimes adding new spots if there weren't in there, sometimes trying to bump someone from mayorship). I unlocked a few badges, including "Overshare" so I was sufficiently amused.

Chris did manage to snag some supplies to build a shelf above the kitchen sink. The intent is to clean up the counter space and make it easier to do what you need to do in a kitchen - cook.

I'm very excited! There will be an awesome, stable, usable shelf that will be aesthetically pleasing (a designer would do nothing less than awesome) and it was completely not my idea or demand. In fact, I never even thought of that as a possible solution to anything. So, I get to reap all the benefits of dating a creative, handy-man, without any stereotypical consequences (ex. woman nags man to do work, man grudgingly complies). And this is not the first time he's come up with an awesome solution to a problem.

I also learned I can do this "shopping" thing for much longer if I'm not the one who is searching (I'm impatient and get VERY annoyed when I cant find something after 2-3 stores) and I have my cell phone. Even if I did loose Chris a few times because I wasn't paying attention and he had to come find me... *ahem*


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