Sunday started out frantic. It was the first day of Criminal Law (which I’ve been waiting to take for a year now but couldn’t because of my part-time schedule). I read all of the assignment and glossed over the syllabus which highlighted using the Socratic method. Yeah yeah. I’ve seen that before.

Well – the instructor turned out to be a bit more serious about the whole thing, including standing up while reciting (as well as actually reciting all of the case details rather than having the instructor basically take your job over – which seems to happen quite frequently). That was a little stressful – simply because I’m just not an orator.

I survived (really because I had not been called on though given the size of the class it will likely be next week or the week after) and headed home. I had a headache most of the afternoon so I laid on the couch with Chris listening to random movies and tv shows. Saw the last half of Firestarter, which I’d never seen (or read).

Later in the evening I cooked up some perch I had purchased the day before. Leki attempted to be very helpful. Thankfully he never jumped onto the counter or go into anything. But he was very, VERY interested in the smell, more so than anything else to date. Even dairy.

In the evening we decided to check out Boxee. We loaded it onto my netbook and watched some random things through Boxee. We actually got a few episodes into Linebarrels of Iron on Crunchyroll before going to bed.

We tried to stream videos from MTV but they were too choppy. And I was a little annoyed with Boxee’s lack of organization of the episodes from Crunchyroll (which are in order on their website) and the fact that the 2nd episode we watched we couldn’t do anything but stop it (no pausing, fast forward, rewind) – overall the idea of Boxee is a great one. I hope it works more seamlessly in the future with all of the various apps (which look like channels) it supports.


Awesome concept. I'm not too tech savy (yet), but maybe I'll steal this little 365 idea. LOL

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