My main desktop has been down for the better part of the month. Between gaps in pay and the busy schedule of work/school, I haven't had a lot of time to work on the machine. I've troubleshooted it here and there, swapping out various pieces for new no avail. So when all the parts necessary to build a secondary machine arrived earlier in the week, I sat down to work on it.

I made a pretty large mess once I discovered I couldn't simply swap out the old CPU for a new one. I'm still not a 100% sure what was wrong with the old setup, but I suspect it might be the motherboard and the CPU (based on all the hardware swapping I had done earlier and the fact that I could duplicate the issue with the new motherboard and old CPU but a new CPU and the old motherboard still had a problem) but who knows. That's a project for another day. The bottom line is - I now have a working desktop again! Dual screens, I love you.

So after all that was done I feel asleep on the couch, basically pinning Chris in place for several hours. Apparently after I fell asleep, Leki followed suit.

Ah...thats how Saturday's should be.


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