I found a tasty-looking lemon garlic slow cooker recipe yesterday that I really wanted to try. So last night I tossed a Cornish hen and the rest of the ingredients in the crock-pot to cook over night. Why not just cook it during the day while at work? I don't have a good reason for that, honestly...

It also probably wasn't a good idea to cook it through the night. At about 4am I woke up super hungry. By 6 I just gave up and ate breakfast.

Now I didn't do everything the recipe said to do.

First off I cooked a cornish hen, not a 4 to 5 pound chicken (there are just two of us, after all). I also didn't have any fresh rosemary or thyme, so I more or less guess on how much to use with the jars of spice I had.

Overall the chicken turned out tasty enough, although I think I actually over cooked it. I had it in on the LOW setting for about 8 hours and it tastes a little burnt, oddly enough. I also think I used a little bit too much thyme. And by little, I mean a lot.

Next time I think I'll try this with fresher spices and a shorter cooking time. I definitely like the lemon flavoring, especially in the gravy you make.
We also received our first Raspberry Pi in the mail today. So. Freaking. Excited.

First off I'm going to slap a media center on it just to play with it, but eventually I will have to come up with something more unique and permanent.


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