Every year it seems, Artprize has at least one of each of the following:
This year is no exception. There were plenty of dragons around. Don't get me wrong, I do love dragons (I have two dragon tattoos and tons of pewter dragons), but I feel like it's a bit much at this point.

This entry, however, I was more impressed with than past entries. While still a dragon, it's certainly a different take and not crafted of your typical welded metal statue. It's also more in the style of a Chinese dragon as opposed to the European style seen typically here in the United States.

In the evening we watched the debate between the two presidential candidates from the major political parties here in the United States (Democrats and Republicans).

It was pretty lackluster, but I wasn't expecting much either. I'd much prefer if they had more parties out on stage, but I can see why it wouldn't be in the interest of either major party to include anyone else. The debate  is mostly a dog and pony show.

Sometime next week I think I'm going to try to listen to the Democracy Now version where they paused the debate and included responses from two additional candidates (Green Party and Justice Party). It's about 3 hours so I may listen to it in sections rather than straight through.

Anyway, after the debate we fired up Skype on Chris's tablet and talked to Adam and Comfort a bit to discuss politics and life in general. Good times.


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