Earlier this year I backed a kickstarter by OpenSourceRF for arduino wireless (using RF) shields. They arrived today and I'm excited to use them.

I'm still trying to work out in my head how I want everything set up. Ideally I'd like a temperature sensor transmitting the temperature to a website or a database where I can check it in real time. There is a noticeable temperature difference between certain sections of the house so I think this would be a fun thing to mess with. I'd also like to integrate the LCD screen into it so you can also check the temperature when your right in front of the device.

I'll have to get cracking with this and the snail mail notifier. I wanted to have that set up last weekend but with the rain I just didn't get around to it.

Plus I have a proximity sensor that I'd like to hook up somewhere.

This winter may be full of random projects!


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