I've always been pretty narrow in the types of fiction I read. Fantasy. Preferably high fantasy. I've been that way since a little kid. Science fiction is ok, but the older stuff doesn't have character development. I've tried some popular writers in other genres such as Stephen King, but it just wasn't for me (though The Dark Tower was pretty awesome).

But I've been branching out more as I get older. I have War and Peace staring at me on my nightstand, collecting dust. I'll get to it eventually. Recently I've been going through a lot of classic books in the public domain (either in audio or ebook format). So I'm branching out.

I say this and then I post a photo of the book I'm currently reading, Cloud Atlas. Yes, it's fantasy-ish. Yes, it's a little science fiction-ish. But it's certainly not hardcore on either of those fronts. So that's still branching out, right? Maybe not.

Anyway, libraries are awesome. That was supposed to be my point. While I do enjoy reading on my kindle and checking out books that way, I'm still happy with a paper book. And I really do enjoy going to the library.

The two libraries I go to most often, Grand Rapids Public Library (main one downtown) and the Wyoming Library are both pretty fun to be in. GRPL is an old building that reminds me a little of the Detroit Library - except way smaller. And the Wyoming Library is a newer building with fancy curves in the architecture and new fixtures inside. It even has a cafe.

Both of these libraries are larger than the one I grew up going to, but then they also serve much larger communities.

Since my dream of having my physical library in some old room in some house I'm never going to own will never come to fruition, I enjoy being in a large building with oodles of books. Even if I will never read even half of them I still enjoy it.

And maybe someday, if I end up living somewhere without a library I'll make a Little Free Library (although I can't imagine living somewhere without a library!).


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