This is our first year where we actually have trick-or-treaters coming to the door. So we had to do something.

We made some cute cardboard silhouettes that Chris found online. They weren't as scary as I'd have tried to make them, but I am known for going overboard sometimes. Plus, they're monsters so that's ok.
We also "carved" a funkin, which is a weird fake pumpkin, to look like one I saw in Guild Wars 2. Once carved, we added some arduino guts and thus a haunted pumpkin was born.
All that preparation meant we of course were going to dress up! I have a costume I've been working on over the years for the renaissance festival, so we picked up a cloak to make it spookier and I was set.

Even the cat, as you can see, was interested. He also worked as an excellent early detection system for trick-or-treating goblins and ghouls.

Chris wore a nice orange pumpkin shirt.
The cardboard cutouts we made earlier looked nice, especially with a spot light behind them. Our porch light, was a bit too bright and I was worried it would make the arduino-controlled haunted pumpkin less scary. I was wrong. We had a few older kids yell back at it, which was cute, and several smaller kids that jumped or squeaked in fear. We even had one little one that wouldn't come up on the porch. So I guess it did do it's job!

All in all we had a decent amount of princesses, serial killers, superheroes and robots in spite of the rain and the cold. I look forward to next year!

And I do agree with Chris, we will probably need more candy if the weather is better.


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