Yesterday we installed the snail mail notifier and today is a mail day! I patiently awaited the email letting me know mail had arrived in our mailbox.

And waited.

And waited.

Then finally in the afternoon the email came. Mail! Sitting in the mailbox!

Then another email came.

And another.

And about 100 more.

Apparently there was a slight glitch in the code. The arduino was checking in increments of seconds, not minutes. I forgot to edit that part of the code once we were done testing it yesterday. Whoops! Luckily Chris was home and he stopped the device from sending any more emails.

So the first order of business when I got home was to tweak the code, which I did pretty quickly. I also put in a time out function. That way if an oversized package gets stuffed in there the little arduino won't bombard us with messages again.

Hooray for easy fixes!


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