Chris saw a mouse in the garage the other day, so I spent most of today tearing everything out, looking to see if there's a nest or if it was just a lone critter skittering about. With each new thing I pulled out, I found a new set of droppings, so I decided it was best to place some traps around the garage.

On the one hand, having owned pet mice as a kid, I'm really uncomfortable with killing them. On the other hand, I'm aware of the zoonotic diseases they carry. I'm also leery of having them nesting close the house and potentially finding a way into the house. I absolutely do not want our fat house cat messing with a wild mouse.

Since I think the glue strips are horrible and poison is a very poor idea due to the outdoor cats in the neighborhood, I opted for the traditional mouse trap. I briefly thought about using the sonic pest control, but no one I know that's actually used one has had any success. Hopefully with the other measures I've taken (blocking areas off, etc), none of the traps will be set off.

If anyone has any more humane suggestions, I'll definitely try them.


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