It's Halloween! That means candy candy candy candy candy!

Unfortunately it's pretty rainy this evening, which means no Haunted Pumpkin and kids that are out there getting wet.

But we did get to use our monster cutouts again. And that monstrous porch light did a fair job of making it less spooky. I hate that porch light.
Because of the rain, there were less children this year, so I spent the long time between trick-or-treating kids running around in Animal Crossing. No shame in participating in some virtual trick-or-treating.
As it got a little later, we started to get a few more kids. And several children commented on the spooky red light (thanks to the Hue lamps) and Leki, who mostly just stood back and watched as people kept showing up but not actually coming into the house. I suppose that's the best case scenario for him.


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