Chris ran across this awesome Instrucables on making a half-size MKVII bag from Indiana Jones the other day. I've been using a crappy hiking bag to carry around my 3DS when we go out and about (like yesterday at the Grand Rapids Comic Con), so this would be an excellent replacement.

Because my sewing skills are still pretty beginner, I opted to use an old pair of khaki pants as opposed to spending money on good fabric. That way, if I ruin anything, I'm not really out anything (except time).
I cut out some paper to the specs in the instructable...
...but since I'm actually making the bag to house my 3DS XL, I added two inches to the bottom and four inches to the top.

So if you're looking at the top of the pattern in the instructable, the dimensions I used were actually 6.5"x5" for the top square, then 7"x5" for the next square. The bottom portion was also expanded to 7"x5" (and 7"x1.5" for the sides)
Anyway, once everything was measured and cut, I started pressing the seams.
Then it was on to sewing!
I had some difficulties closing up the bottom of the bag. Originally I was going to sew the bag up inside out, as you would normally do. But a mistake I made earlier made it a lot trickier that way, so I opted to sew it this way. I tried as best I could to keep the seams all in line so there weren't any double stitches.
The bag isn't perfect, but for a first run I'm pretty happy with it. The whole exercise was good practice!
Plus, the 3DS XL fits with plenty of room inside for emergency snacks. In hindsight, it might have been nice to have an extra pocket inside, but oh well. Maybe the next one.

Now to decide on a strap and a closure!

Update: Mini-Satchel, Now With A Strap!


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