I woke up wanting some pumpkin pie oatmeal (which I've made before), so I went to the cabinet and grabbed a can of pumpkin mix. I had two sizes. The regular 15oz and then the giant 30oz can. I figured since I wanted to make some pumpkin cookies as well, it was a safe bet to open the larger can...
So I baked some oatmeal for breakfast and then whipped up some tasty pumpkin cookies. But I still had pumpkin leftover. In fact, much more than I thought I would. That's what I get for misreading one cup as one can.
I poked around a bit on the internet for other pumpkin recipes and found a tasty looking pumpkin bread. I was even lucky enough to have a can of coconut milk in the cabinet! I whipped up four small pumpkin loaves. The mini loaf tins I have from my grandmother work great for breads I know Chris wont eat. I just slice one and freeze the rest.
By the time all of the pumpkin stuff was baking, most of the morning was gone and I still hadn't started in with sugar cookies using the cookie cutters Chris printed for me the other day.

I pulled out the flour and sugar and started in on a batch of sugar cookies. I used the same sugar cookie recipe I've used before with the 3D printed cookie cutters I'd ordered off of Etsy awhile back.

You can't quite see the cookie cutters in the photo above (they're white), but Chris printed cute cat and bat cutters.
And, because that was not enough food, I also had some candy corn cookie dough chilling in the freezer. So as the sugar cookies were baking, I started to cut those out.
Those came out pretty adorable. They do remind me of spritz cookies, only because of how much butter the recipe called for.

Honestly, I wanted to make some brownies as well, but I ran out of flour. That was probably for the best. By 2pm I started to get pretty tired of running around the kitchen. All in all I spent about four hours today baking and then another hour or so cleaning everything up. The chromcast certainly got a workout today with all of the cheesy TV shows I played in the background through Netflix.


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