I waited until the last minute so I didn't have much time to improve on the Haunted Pumpkin from last year. All I really did was add the wave shield I'd soldered earlier this year to the project.

For the most part, that meant the pumpkin functioned virtually the same: there were was an arduino in the pumkin, two LEDs (one to simulate a candle flicker, one to be scary red), and Chris's scary voice to scare children.
I mostly just had to move wiring around since the wave shield uses some pins I used last year.

Because I was short on time, I didn't have time to really edit the code and make it very pretty. I mostly just copied the Adafruit example file from the Wave Library into my existing project. It's pretty messy, but it worked. I'll have to spend some time and tweak it so it works a little better next year.

But it worked! And that's the most important thing!

Github files: Haunted Pumpkin With Wave Shield


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