As I mentioned yesterday, there were a few rough starts to printing attempts, mostly due to incorrect settings in the software. Once that was all straightened out, it was smooth sailing.
Chris printed a few Apple TV remote holders as an experiment. Since each print can take awhile (each remote holder took about 45 minutes), you want to be sure what you're printing is correct (and something you want).

Admittedly, Chris has played with the device more than me. He's more familiar with the software and comfortable with programs that relate to sculpture and design. I mostly binged on Fire Emblem (for which my arms are now yelling at me for doing - repetitive motions are bad!) and snuggled with the cat. I do look forward to playing with it eventually, once I have something I really want to design and print. I know Chris has been enjoying every minute of it and has a backlog of things he's wanted to print for ages.


What is that you printed there a remote control? Looks like a speaker also perhaps. I propose to you to make useful iPhone stand that also acts as a speaker too. Think I saw one earlier that would be cool but I'm sure there are many other things and many more uses for one too. Apparently they can 3D print food and even human skin and eyes now. It's quite scary but exciting to see how the tech progresses don't you think? I wonder how long until they can fully 3D print a human body? Keep up the work and let us know what else you've been doing! :)


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