Wednesday, sometimes “lovingly” coined hump-day by those who work Monday through Friday, came around like it usually does, and I followed the same rough routine I’ve been going through for awhile now; wake, work, class, sleep.

Class crowds the ability to have hobbies, relationships, and quite frankly, personal time when you work full time. Toss in a husband or a wife and children and wow. Did you used to have a hobby? Cause you don’t anymore.

That’s why I only take two classes a semester. Sure, I could push myself and take three (which I’ve done) or even four. Kudos to those who work full time, have significant others, children, and travel long distances to take a full load of classes. That’s not for me. I’d spend every night eating huddled over a textbook and let my personal relationships atrophy. I'd miss Chris, I'd miss video games, I'd miss tinkering with computers. Outside of that, I’d also have to answer to a very jealous cat. So I take only two classes – and even that can be a struggle at times depending on the classes. This semester honestly looks less intense than last, which is a blessing. Still, sometimes it is hard. After spending several years working full time and having evenings and weekends free to do what I wanted, it was hard to give up the majority of that to study some subjects I was less than interested in. Honestly – not every class you take in law school is going to be something you are profoundly passionate about (or even remotely interested in, in some cases). It was the same for undergraduate, and the same with high school; basically, your entire academic career (though it doesn’t change once you start working – the difference is you get paid to do it rather than pay to do it).

So on this Wednesday I woke up. I went to work and the day hummed by. I drove to my night class. I came home. I went to bed.

If Wednesday is a hump day, I’d like to know why the hump feels more like a mountain these days.


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