It's Mother's Day!  And what better way to celebrate your mom than to go and harass her for hours on end?

So Chris and I headed to my parents on the east side of the state to pop in and say "hi!"  We came with chocolates and carnations, two things I know my mom likes.

It was a good visit with my parents, who I don't see a whole lot since they're 150 or so miles away.  My dad cooked some steaks on the grill (as you can see, the grill attempted to engulf some of the siding at first) and we had a tasty late lunch.

Even though the 4 hours of driving there and back gets old, the few hours I get to visit with my parents and harass them makes it completely worth it.


Hum! My top was turquoise but in your photo it looks blue. Go figure. It was a great day and we really enjoyed your efforts in driving across the state to visit with us. As always we enjoyed the day with you and Chris. Also love the chocolates and flowers. Thanks so much.

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